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Adequate research is very important for every company or organization. It is necessary to stay on top of both internal and external developments. For a company, it is even more important to be aware of new developments within the market and on top of what your client wants. Professional Touch N.V. has experience in conducting both commercial and social research projects.

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Whether you are launching a new product/service or want to boost an existing product/ service or just boost sales, it’s important to use easy and functional tools. In a world of mass digital communication and internet services, the challenge lies in finding the right tool to promote your product or service.

Of course, this is a challenge Professional Touch happily accepts. We pride our self’s on giving the customer the ULTIMATE EXPERIENCE thus the maximum offered. Contact us to know more about our various promotion options.


Marketing means more than just trying to connect the buyer and seller. Our profess1onals dare to go the extra mile and stay unique while communicating your message as clear and effectively as possible. Our team will collaborate with the client on the activities to be carried out in order to reach the goals set out. Together we can build or repair your brand by producing and executing the right branding/ marketing plan. Want to know more about our marketing approach and the services we offer or just want a quote? Contact us here.

Webdesign & development

Having a visitor’s friendly yet unique website is the goal of many companies and/ or organizations. A website should be stylish and timeless while giving you all the opportunities to communicate with your clients in an effective way. Our designers and developers will help you find out what type of website suits your company or organization and which functionalities are necessary.

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Social accounts & blogging

With the increase in internet activity from both users and companies/ organizations, it is essential that your online communication is dynamic. Adding social accounts or a blog might do the trick, but even here a constant flow of content is important. Our content managers are masters in gathering and creating just the right content for your audience. We can manage your social accounts, your blog and even help set up a VLOG campaign.

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Do you want to increase your online visibility? Get people on the right page of your site and taking the right action? This might require some adjustments to your online communications. And starting an Adwords campaign can be one of the fastest tools to reach your goal. We can help you manage your online advertising campaign in such a way that you get the maximum result. Together we can build or repair your brand by using the right keywords and creating the right campaigns. Curious about our expertise on Adwords or interested in a quote? Contact us here.



Great company with employees that stay loyal and flexible. They really listen to your questions and try to create your dream as close as possible.

Naomi Sinti

Managing Director/ Na Mi Hair & Beauty Supply


After 2 years of being not happy with my website/webshop. Rubia stepped in to help. Due to my past experiences, I was a little bit skeptical. She was very patient with me and in the end, I never been happier with my website. If you want somebody to listen to what u want and make your website the way you want. This is the place to be!

Geneviève Gistelle

Owner/ Krappa BY Gigi


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Professional Touch emphasizes on helping our clients display the most of their products and services. We pride on finding your strength and using this to market your company the best as possible. We know your power, do you?

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